What is Form Builder in ExplaraBiz?

Form builder is a best way to collect information from your buyer, attendees, newsletter subscribers and so on.

There are cases, where you want to collect more details of a Buyer when he/she has bought products or services from your Payment link that you have created in your account on ExplaraBiz.

In such cases, this form builder comes handy. You can create a form, attach the form with the Product link.

The form can also be used separately for data collection. For example, on your website, if you wish to capture data when someone  comes over, you can create a form using ExplaraBiz form builder and put it on your website. You can also use the Form widget to integrate it on your website.

How to activate the form:-

  1. Login to your ExplaraBiz.com dashboard, On the left hand side main menu, click on Apps & Integration and select Form.
  2. Click the Activate button,
  3. You will see the Form menu is highlighted in your left menu list.
  4. Click the form menu and start configuring your form.
  5. You can pick and choose from the system defined form fields and  you can also add  user defined fields.