How does ExplaraBiz work?

ExplaraBiz lets you sell online to your subscribed customers or one-time customers anywhere in the world. ExplaraBiz has all the tools you need to launch an online business, start selling instantly,  and collect payment. 

In addition to selling, you can also manage your business using ExplaraBiz products for 

  • Email Marketing

  • Invoicing

  • Business Apps & Integrations

You can sell digital products, physical products, software, subscription box, content, music, your time, and more using ExplaraBiz.

You can start using Explara in 3 steps

  1. Create a presence

Sign up for free and launch your presence website i.e., online store.

  1. Setup your products

Add your digital /physical products, services, skills for recurring customers.

  1. Get Paid

Get paid regularly from your subscribers or one-time customers. 

ExplaraBiz handles all things for you such as 

Online Store page - ExplaraBiz provides an option to create your Online Store Page that has the URL, e.g., Using our domain mapped solution, you will be able to map your own domain with our solutions.

In case, you have your own website, and you want to embed the code on your website to drive the traffic there, you can do so by taking your product page widget code and put it on your website.

You have the options on the dashboard to integrate the product link on your social media page.

Payment Processing - ExplaraBiz provides file upload facility along with payment gateway integration points for PayPal, Stripe. With this payment processing, your buyers can make the payment and would be able to download your digital contents directly onto their system.

Pricing Structure - ExplaraBiz works on a monthly subscription basis. We offer two plans, one is a Starter, and the other one is Premium. Please visit our pricing page for more details.