Invoicing Software Quick Setup Info

Quick Info about Invoicing Software

  1. Using ExplaraBiz’s invoicing software, you can generate invoices / GST compliant invoices for your customers and get paid instantly. Know more about Invoicing software benefits.
  2. Invoicing software is available for both STARTER & PRO Plans. Click here to check Price. Click on 'Activate' Button to add Invoicing Software in your subscription. Once activated, you will see ‘Invoice’ on your solutions menu.

How to use Invoicing  Software?

  1. You can create invoices / GST based invoices in easy steps. Just go to Menu => Invoice => Dashboard to start using.
  2. Click on 'Create Invoice' and add your customer details to generate an invoice. After adding customer, select the customer, and add details of Items & other information to generate Invoice.
  3. You can immediately download the invoice and can share with your customer. A Payment link is attached to the Invoice so that your customers can pay online and you will get the notification of payment.
  4. All generated invoice will be available on Menu => Invoice => Invoice List